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Friday, September 19, 2008

Proximidade Award

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"Kristie" over at "Life with My X Men" has very kindly passed this delightful "award" to me. Thank you so much for thinking of me! I shall be consulting "senior daughter" regarding an accurate translation for persons such as myself who are linguistically challenged. After 18 months in Mozambique, speaking nothing but "Portuguese" we might be in luck. I wonder what I can bribe "her" with? Actually that quite easy as she's the only one who responds very positively to food!

I don't think that there any rules with this one, anything for the easy life! So this one goes to "Mama MPJ" over at "A Room of Mama's Own," although I'm hoping she'll consider sub-lets.

Moving on........

"Mama Mara" who blogs at the very aptly named "Mama on the Edge" has very kindly given me this award, 'Sharing the Love.' This was originally created by "Memoirs of a Mommy" for a very specific purpose which I feel unable to match, or even come close.

So who? That's quite a tall order and then I remembered that woman that we all love, even though she has a tendency to whisper, "Vicki" at "Speak Softly."

Moving on.

"DJ Kirkby" over at "Chez Aspie" has passed along this delightful award, just my kind of kick.

I am delighted to pass this on to "Mary the Teach" at "Work of the Poet," and I am sure she will use it wisely.

Cheers dears

Sky Watch Friday

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