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Thursday, February 28, 2008


I chat to Rosie from "Trusera."

Just in time I remember that she is an American and therefore I am chatting ‘with’ her rather than ‘to’ her.

“Maybe you’d like to join us at "Trusera?”
“That’s very kind of you but no thanks.”
“Why not?”
“All that registering and logging in and passwords.”
“It’s easy.”
“Maybe but I’ve banned myself from joining anything else as I don’t have enough room.”
“Don’t you mean ‘time’?”
“No, I mean room.”
“Room for what?”
“Room for the passwords.”
“Yes, I write the passwords to different sites on my left arm in permanent ink so I can’t lose them.”
“Oh….how…..unusual. So you’ve no more room on your arm?”
“That’s right, we’re just about to move from Winter to Spring.”
“What’s that go to do with anything?”
“No long sleeves, I’m about to lose 12 inches.”
“Anyway, I don’t think I’m qualified.”
“I’m not particularly truthful.”
“I tell lots of lies.”
“It’s got nothing to do with the truthfulness."
"Oh that's handy, I'll be in good company then."
"No, no, no! I mean it’s all about health.”
“Oh dear me no, I don’t know anything about health either, I’m British.”
“Then come on over and "join," you might just learn something.”
“Good point.”
“Maybe you’d like to write for us too?”
“Who me?”
“Oh dear me no, not on your nelly.”
“Um…… I wouldn’t be able to write anything about health either.”
“You can write about autism.”
“What’s autism got to do with health?”
“It’s in the DSM IV, so it’s a health issue.”
“Good gracious, I was forgetting that for a moment, what a nit wit. It's just that my children aren't sick, they're perfectly healthy, bar the odd wart.”
"Plural actually, but the dermatologist is taking care of them."
“Well I don’t know very much about autism, I only know a little bit about two individual versions of autism.”
“That’s more than I know already.”
“So what do you say? One of your "pals" is already here, but that’s probably because she’s a lot braver than you.”
“So true, so true. Actually, I've seen quite a few familiar faces there.”
“How about it then?”
“Well, I’m not sure if we’re on the same page. Have you read anything I’ve written?”
“Oh yeah, we checked you out.”
“Golly. I don’t suppose you were the one that read my whole blog the other day?”
“Nope. Sorry.”
“I wonder who that was? Lurkers can be so…. what’s the word…….unknown, scary, disconcerting, unsettling…......it’s like someone spying on you through the cracks in the stall or peeking through the key hole of the loo door.”
“Maybe you should nip along and check out the site, starting at the mental health section.”
“So, do you think you could be a good sharer?”
“I’ll try.”

So now I eagerly await service of Rosie's lawsuit against me to include charges of defamation of character and libel, together with a claim for punitive damages for pain, suffering and extreme emotional distress.

Anyone know a [cheap] lawyer?

Come along now, you be brave too "Trusera"

Autism and Transitions

“Ooo there you are!” I hussle my pal into the car. We are carpooling to save the planet. She’s not a nervous type but if our roles were reversed, I might be nervous too, because foreigners drive on the other side of the road. I reverse out of the drive as she sits in the passenger seat. I glance across at her, ram rod backed and ears pricked. I check, “are you o.k.?”
“We’re in the middle of the road Maddy!”

To "read more....."

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