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Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I hold it up so that all 5 of the adults in the house have a clear view.
“See this?”
“Yup. What about it? What is it?”
“It’s a hose…….vacuum hose.”
“If you see it anywhere, anywhere at all, nab it. I need it.”
“I can’t keep the dog hair and car fur under control without it if the asthmatics are going to survive another 24 hours.”
“He keeps swiping it. Pulls the hoover out of the closet and takes off the hose.”
“Why? What on earth is he on now?”
“It’s his tail.”
“He’s still ‘part cat.’”
“What has being ‘part cat’ got to do with taking the vacuum hose?”
“He’s morphed. No longer is he ‘part cat’ now he is ‘robocat. Teamwork! A united front! I need your help!”
“Hmmm…….. pity you can’t whip out his battery when he’s not looking!”

p.s. dear chums and pals, I have searched in vain for blogs where people’s lives are affected by "Alzheimer’s" or "Dementia," admittedly briefly, and do you know what, I can’t find any. A long time ago I doubted that there were any blogs about autism, but of course there are loads. If you happen to come across any blogs on the former topic I should be most grateful if you could tip me off / give me a shove in the right direction as we all know that the support of an online community is a big boost to the morale.

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