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Friday, February 01, 2008

Sassy award

"Angela" over at "Memoirs of a Chaotic Mommy" has very kindly awarded me with this award for being sassy. Being an American kind of a person, she has of course failed to define the term 'sassy,' but I have learned to accept this kind of slip shod approach to the English language. [it is one of the many crosses I have to bear]

That aside, I can give it my best guess.

First of all I'd like to hand this over to "Heffalump and DMo" at "A Daily Dose of Mischief." If this is a new blog to you then I would recommend that you start "here" where you can gain great insight into the flavour of their blog, in "Deep thoughts by T." I hope to try and pin point specific posts now, as often if my timing is off, I may fail to capture what it is that I like so much about a particular blog.

Then to "Secret Agent Mama," who has more sass than the average blogger or should that be 'sauce'? She is also staggeringly prolific, a particularly annoying habit as it messes up my google reader. I'm happy to overlook this niggle and offer you one of her many candid "quips," the kind that can perk you up in the middle of the day, pierce the odd brain cell and recharge the batteries. So if in doubt start "here" and tell me that her "little drop of sunshine" doesn't cheer you up?

You could do yourself a favour and nip over to visit "Mood Swing Mommy" at "Am I going Mad or Am I Just a Mommy." Apart from anything else, this will give you the perfect opportunity to learn whether or not you suffer from a rarely recognised condition known at 'blogstipation.' Now this is a great summary post to see if you are a good match for her "is there a pill for this."

Another good place to visit is Michelle over at "The House of Lime." If you're new to this one too, a good place to start would be this posting about......er....how can I translate this one? Basically, when you write a blog post it may be better to use only a few acronyms, otherwise half the people who read won't understand what you're writing about [that would be me of course] and the other half will be annoyed. This post certainly seems sassy to me called "LOL with apologies to Lynne Truss on the 23rd of January."

Another woman who has more sass and sauce that is probably decent, is "Julie Pippert" over at "The Artful Flower" also known as a highly apt phrase for us around here. Her blogging and technical prowess is fairly terrifying, but her words can often cut to the quick. A good spot to start off would be a great soft spot over here titled "Hissy fit."

Another sassy mum and her ever creative brood hang out at "Are we there yet." My pal "Linda" rarely loses her sense of fun and we can all delight in Amanda's art work. To see them both at work I'd recommend this little "gem."

Lastly, because seven is my favourite number, I would point you in the direction of "Are you Local" where "Vi" keeps us guessing, especially with this post title "7 things I approve of" which should prove a great introduction I hope.

Cheers dearies

Ooo an addendum, just because I came across this post and couldn't resist. My pal over at "Blogtagonist" from "Blogs are Stupid" wrote this fabulous post that should resonate with lots of people and hopefully provide a little inspiration for anyone who might be beginning to flag. Take a moment to read "Sassy is as sassy does."

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