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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Thursday 13 - The Crown Jewels reveal

Thirteen Things about crown jewels

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I’m a bit of a hoarder on the quiet but not the sentimental variety. I hold true to the values of quality above quantity. That said, I feel it only fair to put them all on public display. It is also a reminder to update your home’s personal insurance policy. Make sure to detail those items that have a value greater than the minimum deductible claim adjustment cost ratio.

1. here we have the treasure box that houses the gems. It’s some kind of old cutlery box, slightly smaller than a house brick.

2. This is my grandfather’s wrist watch. Sadly I can’t wear it as I am allergic to nickel.

3. This is my grandmother’s brooch made of Porcelain. Sadly I cannot wear it as the clasp is made of brass, it’s heavier than a rock and tears clothes.

4. This is a Fimo brooch with respect to a career that never panned out.

5. This is a photo of the three of us before we became six

6. This is the pair of ear-rings that she made for me a couple of decades ago. Sadly I cannot wear them as I do not possess the neck of a giraffe and hence I have a tendency to impale my shoulder blades with dagger points when I laugh.

7. This is the necklace he gave me during the many happy years of sin we enjoyed.

8. This is a golden plastic box.

9. In the golden plastic box is a flower made of sugarpaste that a dear pal made to adorn our wedding cake.

10. This is my 13th Wedding Anniversary gift, it is a glass waste product of NASA.

11. These are my watches. The Timex is accurate but winder is a fighter. The bead one is fabulous, elastic and therefore allergy free but the dye leaks from the natural wood.

12. This is my son’s Worry Stone. It’s never in the treasure box as we need it on hand at all times, not tucked away gathering dust.

13. This is a pin that my OBGYN gave me and all his other patients. It represents the size of a babies feet at 9 weeks. I don’t think they do that kind of a thing in England, but I still acquired quite a few, over the years. I could only keep three of the little ones. Maybe it represented 13 weeks of baby development but memories fade in sharp relief.

Of course it’s 100% tin, so I couldn’t possibly wear it.

Fortunately they came with their own protection, hypoallergenic, you know, the really pure gold kind.


And now........for something completely different!

Brought to you by "Artie.com", the nearest I can manage to a button! Today I should very much like to recommend this site to you called "Like a Shark" and her post called "Outside/in," as alternative perspectives are always highly recommended. Ooo the drama!

And finally, real life catches up.

Whilst I was whizzing around today I came across a post from a pal of mine, "Mary" at "A Room Of Mama's Own." It always makes me laugh because from when I first visited there many moons ago, something dyslexic kicked in and she has been stuck in my brain as 'Mama's PJ's,' which is of course American for 'pyjamas.' So there she is, forever stuck in her pyjamas in my brain, but of course she's real person, just as all the other jolly bloggers are, in the real world, where real things happen.

A lot of the things that happen in the real world are "horrid." When horrid things happen it's hard to know what to say or write to that person, a "real person." Often it's simpler just to slip away unnoticed, especially if you're a cowardly type like myself.

I often wish I could find a new system of communication. I'd like to just be able to put at 'X' in the comments box.

The 'X' could mean all sorts of different things, a code.

My 'X' would translate to:-

1. Maybe a kiss or a hug, or something mushy like that.

2. Perhaps it marks the spot of the treasure, 'here I am!'

3. I have read what you have written but I lack the worms to convey what I wish to share.

4. I was here, I read what you wrote, but somebody already wrote the worms that I was going to write.

5. His / her worms are better than mine, so I won't write anything.

6. I am a huge, hunky, chunky, chappy type that eats worms for breakfast, but I do have a sensitive side.

7. I am but a mere worm but with access to a laptop. An 'x' is all I can manage. Although I can head butt the 'x' key, don't ask for a capital as that shift key is a bit of a stretch.

So nip along to read "Mary" and leave an X in the box, as she's a very good translator.

Photo Friday - old fashioned

What is it?

Well it's several things all at once.

1. a traditional gift for a baby

2. a whistle [see the little hole in the pipe]

3. a rattle [hence the bells]

4. supposedly you could rattle the rattle to entertain the baby whilst you blow the whistle to corral the rest of your herd. Could prove a very interesting experiment trying to rattle and whistle at the same time. You'll probably find your self all alone with absolutely not children or babies within sight.

But that's just my take of course.

Cheers dears

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