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Thursday, October 23, 2008


For some reason I am compelled into another pointless debate with my children.

“They’re just steak fries really.”
“Mom! They’re green. You can’t eat green potatoes, that’s bad!”
“They’re green because of the parsley and Rosemary. Parsley potatoes.”
Ghastly potatoes? Dey are for Halloween?”
“Not ‘ghastly,’ PARSLEY!”
“Sounds like ‘ghostly!” she sniggers, the kind of snigger that is infectious amongst certain juvenile people.
“They’re highly nutritious, very good for you.”
“I am be eat dah nutritious foods too.” I glare at my youngest child, he who eats only 17 foods.
“Really! Well you do eat fries I suppose. Maybe you could eat a green fry? It could be your new food for the week.”
“See, I knew you were just teasing me.”
“It don’t have one.”
“It don’t…….it doesn’t have one what dear?”
“It don’t have one box.”
“Box? What kind of a box?”
“A box dat is saying dah nutritional content. I am only eat dah food wiv dah box.”
“Great. So that effectively means that you won’t eat anything home-made, only over processed, store bought food!”

I pout.

He says nothing.

Everyone else sniggers.

He grins hugely.

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