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Monday, September 15, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday - Organize

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


One of the chores that I hate most in the world, is one that I have been doing for approximately 20 years. It's making packed lunches for the children. There is such an air of hopelessness associated with the whole exercise. Nutritious, home-made organic food is either thrown in the bin at school or returned back home untouched and inedible after a day in the heat. Not eating between 7:30 in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon, is not considered a hardship. Eating what I had provided, fell into the category of torture. Better and easier to starve.

I often thought it would be simpler to admit defeat and allow them to indulge in whatever the school provided. However the cost for three children as well as the choices available, have prevented me from taking this tempting step.

Instead I decided to alter my expectations.

I decided to compromise.

The first step was to come to terms with my children's limitations. At the current state of play I could pour chocolate sauce on everything and they still would refuse to eat. Better to choose food where there is at least the possibility of consumption.

Since we are also trying to teach independence and kick start their executive function, a PEC board of choices provided the visual stimulation to enable choice. The PECs corresponded to the three baskets of foodstuffs at their eye sight level.

The long term goal is to reduce stress, smooth over the bumpy bits and achieve task completion. Since it is only the beginning of the year, we have quite a bit of practicing to do. Every time they complete the exercise, it becomes easier. I fully anticipate that by the end of this school year, this is one less chore than I will have successfully delegated to my offspring, if not sooner.

If we continue to follow our current trajectory, I expect that I shall be choreless before I am very much older.

Then I shall spend my time in the 'help wanted' classified ads looking for gainful employment.

Cheers dears

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