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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Awards - Roar for Powerful words

"Linda" over at "are we there yet" has graciously awarded me with the "Roar for Powerful Words" award. [Also the little twinkling star that urged me to play with a blog reader!]

The originator of this award is "Seamus" of "The Shameless Lions Writing Circle" and this what Seamus had to say about this award:

"When I set upThe Shameless Lions Writing Circle, one of things I had in mind was that we as a group could encourage and celebrate good, powerful writing on the Internet/blogosphere. This is why I've come up with a new project to try to do exactly that, while of course at the same time increase exposure for the 48 members and their individual blogs. A Roar For Powerful Words is the chance to scream from the mountains the good news about the powerful posts that are produced every day in the blogosphere, despite what some mainstream columnists and journalists claim. This is also a good chance to examine exactly what it is that makes writing good and powerful."

According to Seamus, this award can be distributed "to those people who have blogs we love, can't live without, where we think the writing is good and powerful."

Needless to say, I am in some most excellent company but now it's my turn to pass this award on to several others. This has been a difficult choice because I love all of the blogs that I read. However, I can't just blanket-award it to everyone so after a lot of painful wracking of the teeny tiny brain cells, I award "A Roar for Powerful Words!" to the following powerful bloggers.

These five people are just the tip of the iceberg of wonderful writers that I read on a daily basis but in keeping with the theme of the award, I am limiting the number of recipients to just five and am hoping that they, too, will pass this award on to five of their must-reads. I'm afraid that I've left my bias hanging out on show.

First to "Kristina" over at "Autism Vox" An intellectual woman from the world of academe, but also a mummy, just like the rest of us parents.

Then "ABFH" over at "Whose Planet Is Is Anyway" especially this post about the "Theory of Mind" to which I often refer.

Also "Casdok" who posts at "Mother of Shrek"
We share a love of optical illusions and our kiddy winkies both big and small.

Then there is "Bev" over at "Aspergersquare8" This is a woman who can focus minutely on the details but never forgets the world at large.

Lastly there is "The Goldfish" over at "Diary of a Goldfish" [how could I resist?]

These people keep me on the straight and narrow, help keep me focused on the big picture, rather than my own narrow little corner of the world.

Kristina, ABFH, Casdok, Bev and Diary of a Goldfish "Seamus's" post to choose the color of your award (they're available in three colors) and let's see if we can keep this wonderful award going, shall we? Oh, and keep up the wonderful writing!

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Cheers dearies

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