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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Thursday 13 - 165 Spotting the evidence

Thirteen Things about spotting incriminating evidence

1. I know who stole the Sharpie pen, the evidence is written permanently on his face.
2. I know who unraveled the toilet rolls from the partial square stuck on his foot.
3. I know who hid the toothbrush, next time hide your sister’s.
4. I know you can use scissors now because of the evidence in the trash.
5. I know who was on U-tube as you have a history.
6. I know who has a secret wound and who was brave, from the Band aid wrapper, the scissors and the blood.
7. I know who can use their brakes from the squashed tomatoes in your bike tyres.
8. I know who read after lights out, from the Garfield quotes this morning.
9. I know where you got that phrase from, because I checked your U-tube history.
10. I know who cut off the shoe laces and why. Full marks for using the trash.
11. I know who stole the chocolate, a pity it was the baking variety.
12. I know who failed to flush the toilet from the footprints on the seat, one size does not fit all.
13. I know who have a "sweetheart" and I even know her "name." Next time use a pencil, as love can often fade, Tattoos do not.

I'd add a photo, but the evidence on the culprit has been scrubbed with soap and water! I need a CSI to check the red patch for trace.

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