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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

OMG [England is Evil 6]

It would appear that travel not only broadens the mind but seemingly expands the vocabulary. It’s not a development that I particularly relish as I am surrounded in a ceaseless chant of blasphemy. Fortunately, they stick to the letter abbreviations rather than the words themselves, but it sends an entirely wrong message to the natives.

To be fair, if not even handed, the children are united in the opinion that they are really saying ‘oh my gosh,’ but few people give us the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it’s the American accents but heads turn and I’m sure to blush.

They acquire curious variations on old themes such as ‘little guys first in case they burst!’ and ‘apology not accepted,’ although neither phrase endears them to their relatives.

The final straw comes in an unexpected format.

Delightful friends pop over for dinner and catch up. As always, they bring entertainment which guarantees that their visit is both remembered and anticipated with glee, and not just by the adults. Long ago, we forced our children to watch one episode of Dr.Who, it was not a successful experience. When the door bell rang the troops gamboled into the narrow hall only to be greeted by a two foot moving "Dalek."

I am uncertain who was more surprised?

Predictably, we have absorbed each of the six phrases that the Dalek’s micro chip provided. We hear them frequently. Luckily, in England, if a child wanders the streets saying “exterminate, exterminate, exterminate,” no-one turns a hair.

I suspect a different reaction in America.

There again, if it wipes out the 'England is Evil' mantra all shall be well.

On the other hand 'England is Evil' in America might have all sorts of unforeseen repercussions.

Thank goodness for duct tape!

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