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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The difference between Sarcasm and Irony, a demonstration

“Geez Mom! I’m sure gonna be the most popular student on the bus if I wear that thing.”
“Oh I don’t know. It will keep you warm and dry through. It’s going to be a beastly day tomorrow.”
“Yeah you are gonna be my most popularist golden sunshine dresser.”
She gives him the pre-teen death glare, “I was being sarcastic!”
“You will be being……dah same sunshine golden colour as dah bus.”
“Exactly. Did you hear that Mom, even he gets it.”
“I am love dah golden sunshine dressing.”
“Well if you like it so much why don’t you wear it on your own field trip then, lil ole Sunny Jim.”
“I can be wearing your big girl jacket?”
“Actually it’s really unisex dear. It’s fine for girls or boys.”
“Dat is great for me coz I am being part girl cat and part boy dog.”
“Not the dog cat thing still. Listen to me, you’re a brother and a boy.”
“No…….on my field trip I’m gonna be a Chameleon.”
“Huh, what about the dog cat thing?”
“On my field trip I’m gonna be ……….invisible,” he adds with a voice of mystery and tantalizing fingers.
“Great! An invisible neon blob that can be seen from fifty miles away. You’ll be luminous not invisible. You couldn’t pay me enough to wear that thing in public.”
“I…….wear dah Chameleon coat so I am blend in wiv dah bus……..and……I am wear it for free.”

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