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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Magic Marker Best shot Monday

Hosted by "Tracy" at "Mother May I," but the photo-picture below will whizz you right there with one click.

Just call me snap happy.

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The artist at work! [Elder daughter]

Whilst she worked late into the night on her latest project, I was inspired to scribble a quick cartoon to my son. I left one at the foot of the stairs where I knew he would see it.

I left the other seleotaped over the computer screen, just to make sure that he received my message.

By the time I staggered down the stairs at 5:25 a.m. I was greeted with his own rendition.

This from my neophobic.

Oh the irony!


p.s. it may be that you are also interested in entering the "What are you Like?" competition endorsed by Roald Dahl, where you enter pictures that represent significant elements of your life. My "elder daughter" has her entry. I have "mine." We're hoping to persuade my younger daughter to participate too. Now what do you suppose we need to do to persuade "Nonna" to join in? Three generations of women seems like a good idea.

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