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Friday, September 12, 2008

Comment of the Week Award

A blogless, but otherwise highly intelligent person, emailed me this week to point out that not only was I muddling one week with another, but additionally, I was muddling one blog with several others. I plead guilty on both counts. However, it did prompt another stunningly brilliant idea! Why not give the award on each blog? Far less confusing, well for me at least.

Hence this post is repeated on "alien" and "Sandwich" but with different awardees.

{Don't want you to have to wade through this more than once, just skip to the end.}

Another brilliant person "mit blog" castigated me [in the nicest possible way!] for my neglect of the "Hub," which once again I need to ‘fes up to,’ as we Americans are wont to say. I’m lucky if I mange to read through the first two or three postings in the list and since my intelligence quotient is at an all time low, I rarely comment either. Ooo the irony.

Since I am now on a confessional streak, I would also admit that I have spent time on the "photo blogs" for several reasons. Firstly I like "piccies." I am a very visual person.

Secondly, it is far easier to choose a "picture" and post it, than it is to write intelligently. Whilst I continue to take daily notes on our doings, it is hard work to channel that material into something worth reading. There again, if your enjoy reading schedules and lists who am I to criticize. Just think of it as my attempt at quality control.

The photo blogs also have the advantage of a thoroughly international flavour. This means that I can convince myself that instead of embalming my brain, I am really learning to be a linguist. This is sure to come in handy in the future when I travel round the world. I shall be able to say ‘post comment, email, URL, spam filter, preview and post,’ in every language in the world.

In my defense, all I can say is that I promise to try to do better soonishly.

I still struggle to juggle!

[Inspired by "Scribbit."]

This week it goes to "Autism in a Word" at "RhemasHope" for her comment on the "Special Exposure /Wordless Wednesday" post where she made this comment:-

'This is so interesting to me. When I was a child I read the book “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” in one afternoon. I then decided to “go mute” as Maya Angelou had done. Like your son, it only lasted a few days. It was just too hard. (I think of my brief selective mutism often - now that I have a nonverbal child.)
I find your children amazing and inspiring (what a genius communication system!), and I am so glad they are “a bit more verbal” now. Gives me hope.'

Because 'hope' is what we're all about.

Cheers dears

Snorty Saturday

Please Scroll down for Saturday Photo Hunters

Smiley Saturday comes to us via "Lightening on Line."

This is a new one for me but I thought it would be a good exercise in practicing being optimistic since I am a natural, die in the woods, pessimist, if not to say cynic.

If you need a hint about how to do this, you can check out "Marita's" post over at "Stuff with Thing" on her post called, oddly enough "Smiley Saturday." It seems to be a weekly review. Can you tell I'm a newbie?

It's hard to encapsulate a whole week, especially when it was an extra short one with a 'service/ in staff training day' but I can think of a couple of things, well maybe just one, that made me laugh this week. Well earlier this morning actually, just after six a.m.

My son found another free new friend, and he told me about it with words, in the garden, shivering, and he shared 'her' which was not an accidental or random reference, and he used the word 'green' for the first time in 18 months, and he named 'her' 'Hike girl!' and he told me that she bites boy Praying Mantid's heads off!

That made me snort.

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