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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Onesies, Twosies and Threesies

Now let me just point out that I am not really complaining. However, laundry, amongst a few other things, is the bane of my life. It’s not the laundry as such now I come to think of it, as much as the sheer quantity. My mother, bless her cotton socks, would frequently point out that every parent has to do a great deal of laundry. More importantly, where was all the laundry coming from since most of the time they were undressed? Clothing, or lack thereof, has been an on-going campaign since day one.

My little darlings were first dressed in the most adorable of little onesies, or ‘worm suits’ as we referred to them. I particularly liked the ones with feet, mittens and hoods, or I did initially. I went off the ones with feet, mittens and hoods when I discovered that children grow. A yard of bare leg seemed socially acceptable but a baby in a skin tight, overstretched ski suit, was not. And they kept doing it of course, growing, that is to say.

Fortunately, each additional child wore their previous sibling’s outfits. I believe that Meyer Lemon was my favourite colour for approximately five years. “Is it going to be a boy or a girl?” people would ask as they admired my pregnancy bump with a knob protruding, dead centre.

Now, oh so many years later, with oh so many more bodies to cater for, I am somewhat surprised to find my son in his bedroom dressing, voluntarily. Whilst his choices would not be mine, I always think it is a good idea for children to express their individuality. I watch as he pulls on another T-shirt.
“Why are you wearing two shirts dear? Is the air conditioning too much for you this time of year?”
“Then why are you wearing two?”
“I’m not.”
“You…….” I watch as he pulls on yet another T-shirt. “Why are you wearing three shirts dear?” But I speak too soon as he reaches for a second pair of shorts to put on over the ones he is already wearing.
“O.k…….what’s with all the clothes all of a sudden?”
“Well…….John wears three shirts at school.”
“Oh right cool John wears three shirts so you’re going to be just like him. Cool!”
“No. I’m gonna be different…….two shorts…….cooler!”
If only it were that easy.

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