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Monday, May 11, 2009

How to make a chef's hat

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Now surely this is something that everyone needs in their life, regardless of whether you're a gourmand or a cheez whiz kind of a cook. It's really a question of look the part and step into the role.

All you need is some stiff card, seleotape, scissors, measuring tape and five minutes.

Measure the diameter of the head that you wish to adorn and mark that length plus an inch onto the card. Try and find a large piece of old card to re-use rather than recycle.

Cut through the card to a two inch border that will form the head band.

Clip and then tape the headband to overlap one inch.

Reach through the inside and tape the lengths together to form a dome.


Go on, indulge your child's latest whim. Now that's what I call "positive reinforcement." When I think of how I had the nerve to ask the staff at Flames for one of their "disposable chef's hats," I can feel a blush! What can I say? Pushy Brits. Now that's something I'd never have been brave enough to do a few years ago. There again the real bravery award goes to someone willing to put something on his head!


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On a side note, if you are struggling to pay for therapy for your special needs child, if the insurance has dried up and tossed you to one side, if you ever think for one moment that the whole thing is completely hopeless, takes forever and wonder if you really are doing the right thing.......I'm here to tell you, or rather ask you, to remain hopeful.

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