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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Photo Friday - old fashioned

What is it?

Well it's several things all at once.

1. a traditional gift for a baby

2. a whistle [see the little hole in the pipe]

3. a rattle [hence the bells]

4. supposedly you could rattle the rattle to entertain the baby whilst you blow the whistle to corral the rest of your herd. Could prove a very interesting experiment trying to rattle and whistle at the same time. You'll probably find your self all alone with absolutely not children or babies within sight.

But that's just my take of course.

Cheers dears


Anne said...

I guessed a whistle right away before I scrolled down to read what you'd written.

What I don't get is why you're doing a Photo Friday picture on Wednesday.

Jade said...

It could also be used as a spouse repellent! LOL blow it and shake it enough and they'll keep their distance! hehehe

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