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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Disgusted of Tumbridge Wells [translation = pissed in San Jose]

Oh dear me no! Well this is frightfully irritating. I don’t like this one at all. I’ll swap this for the old one. [translation = trade] This is not an obsession that I’m happy with at all, as it’s so impractical, not to say intolerable. [translation = for both of us] Can’t he have a practical obsession for a change? Who needs to wash their mouth before they eat or drink? [translation = the inside of it, the oral cavity itself] It’s not as if we don’t already have enough problems with eating and drinking. [translation = challenges] What’s this all about then? Where did this one spring from? Why didn’t I nip it in the bud? [translation = anticipate and ward off] Why isn’t water of just the right temperature more freely available? [translation = tepid] Why isn’t there a water fountain at just the right height at 50 yard intervals in America? [translation = not metres in this instance] What a dreadful country? [Note to self = contact City Planning department with helpful suggestion. N.B. remember to be polite not obsequious]

Why aren’t their taps in every room of the house? [translation = faucets] What idiot architect do I need to track down and pummel? [translation = berate] Why don’t I have sufficient supplies of flannels [translation – wash cloths] for this exercise? Why are so many of them faulty? [translation = sub standard with little strings and threadbare bits] Why is the laundry maid so negligent? [Note to self = research American term for ‘Water Board’?] Why isn’t the sink the right height for him to reach in an emergency washing session? The poor child will have knees like aubergines at this rate. [translation = eggplants] Why can’t I see this supposed ‘fur’ in his mouth? Why don’t I have x-ray vision instead of bifocals? Why am I so badly designed?

There again, although the meltdowns are all level 10 in volume, he’s not static. [translation = horizontal] He is proactive. [translation = trying to fix the problem himself] The flannels have a handy way of muffling the noise a bit. At least I have over 50 flannels already, which I should be able to recycle, if I get my act together. [translation = fire the laundry maid] The flannel and water, help to desensitize his mouth, which makes eating easier for him, when he eventually gets around to that evolution. [translation = starvation is imminent] It’s a positive step in the direction of oral hygiene, which is especially beneficial for someone with a smattering of British genes.

He has to use his hands. He has to use both of his hands. His hands have to co-operate with each other. They have to get wet. Dribbles sometimes run down his arms, almost reaching his body. I wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s tolerating it, but he’s getting there, and at current rates of speed and frequency, he’s going to get there jolly fast. [translation = quickly]

His hands have to use the taps, manipulate them to get the water in advance of receiving the reward. [translation = relief] That’s a challenge for someone with poor fine motor skills and planning. [translation = dodgy fingers and difficulty with seeing ahead] That involves waiting, [translation = delayed gratification] a condition that many struggle with.

Note close proximity of delicate digits to averse texture!
Thank goodness for gravity.

I suspect another bravery award is in the offing? [translation = appropriate]


Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Howdy (translation to Brit: Hello) :) Mouth issues? Have you used cranio sacral therapy? Lots of mouthwork if you find a qualified ped therapist. Made a WORLD of diff to my youngest ASD daughter (I've got a hat trick! translation, 3) Dramatically reduced oral motor difficulties. Go to www.iahp.com and look for a CST in your area. Call and make sure she/he has PEDIATRIC experience with kids like ours.

Bye (translation, Cheerio!)


Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Still thinking. Ask your speech therapist (you have one at school or private?) for some "toothettes" for oral motor stim. They're like minty sponges on a stick that you swab in and around the mouth, gums, roof. Or, see if you son will use an electric toothbrush (find his fav character on a Crest toothbrush at Target) and see if htis helps his mouth craving. Just ideas to pass along from one tired parent to another!


Anonymous said...

I think there's a mouthguard that acts like a toothbrush somewhere. I'm sure of it.

- pupilofthemime

walking said...

I was also thinking sensory issues. It sounds like your son is craving oral-motor stimulation. Have you read up on sensory integration? You can even use baby toys or make necklaces out of cut up refrigerator tubing to work on this (better than chewing T-shirts).

Anonymous said...

hi...i saw your comment on spoke's site. my son also has autism and oral motor issues. he used to chew up all his shirts like a nanny goat. there are lots of things to try...we used to have a vibrating rubber star toy made for infants. that really helped. oh and...we would buy surgical tubing and make necklaces out of that for him to chew on. great blog you have here...i would like to link to you if that is okay.

Anonymous said...

I can understand how some may think television plays a role in autism. That is a lot stimulation for such a young age, especially when the brain is absorbing new information. A classic case of information overload but while I may understand how they came to this conclusion it is not what causes autism.

I am ignorant to autism. So please bear with me. I have always thought the cause of autism was unknown. That several genes play a role. Also there are abnormalities in the brain structure. Some of which happens in-utero.

But brain abnormalities may result from environmental factors. There is so much to consider when it comes to trying to determine a cause. It is a process of elimination, more medical research needed, and making people aware.

My question I will pose to you is. Why is autism rare in the Amish community?

You have a great blog. Thanks for posting a comment in mine. Good question you gave me.

Jerry Grasso said...

Tell me more about this award you are giving. Could be something we incorporate into our programs/efforts. Jerry

Maddy said...

The 'award' = cheapo plastic, enhanced with one of those self stick seals, correlates to his current phase of 'trophies' and panders to his penchant for prizes.

mommyguilt said...

LOVE the award. We may have to adopt that into our Star System. As for oral motor stimulation, we used to use a vibrating ball with nubs on it - it was a toy for the kids, a Bumble Ball. Didn't work too well once they all had teeth, but can still be lipped or gummed. I like the idea, too, of the electric toothbrush. I've heard that many times, but have yet to try it.

Thanks for stopping by MommyGuilt!

Shannon Des Roches Rosa said...

I dare any one to find people more creative than autism parents.

kristina said...

Charlie had a period of chewing on and then sucking the front of his shirt----did a lot with chew tubes and have had a lot of oral-motor therapy. Also, we've done ABA programs to teach Charle a "replacement behavior" = something else to do that is less, well, soggy.

Trade being from trado, tradere, tradidi, traditum---to hand down, hand over, trade, betray.

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