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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Addict in part time supervisory capacity

I pop more pills because my body ceased to be a temple with the surgeon’s first incision. All the staff express concern for my well being and tell tales of other patients suffering drastic weight loss. I try and pay attention to the dentist’s instructions, but I have childrens’ timetables to attend to in my mind. I hear the world ‘unstable’ drift onto my radar screen. Unstable? How does he know that? I tune back in. Oh good, it’s only my jaw that is unstable but the sack full of elastic bands should hold everything in place. I have thoughts of it falling off, that I might lose it in my hurry to be off. He scribbles notes on my chart and I’m off before the ink has dried.

I drive home deep in thought of weight maintenance, debating whether it would be possible to drink a bottle of olive oil like the chappy in the "New Scientist article?"http://www.newscientist.com/channel/health/mg19325881.

Such an extreme form of weight maintenance seems well out of my league.

At home, all is well. I speak to my children, loudly, kneeling. They all look at me.
“It’s off! Cool!” She gives me a hug and kisses my forehead. The boys step closer, cautious.
“Let me see?” he asks, screwing up his face in anticipation, squeamish but braced for bravery. “Oh yes, it gone!”
Junior shuffles forward, covers his own mouth for protection and commands “open it up!” I oblige. “Why you have dah string dere now?”

“It’s not string, it’s elastic dear.” He ponders, a finger to his mouth in the classic ‘thinking’ pose. “Dat’s good. Den it won fall off.”
'Great' minds think alike.


Camera Obscura said...

Some friends trying to up their extremely-tiny 2-year-old's weight offer up a mixture of melted ice cream enhanced with heavy cream. That'd put the pounds on me in a hurry...

Memphis said...

Now I understand your question. I don't recall, as I was growing up, ever seeing so many children with autism before. I know they say they think maybe it is simply that they have expanded the definition. And maybe I was around them all the time and just didn't know? But it seems as if the number of children with autism is growing in leaps and bounds. At least, to me it does.

Anonymous said...

(that's quite a picture, memphis steve!)

so glad all is well! i'm sending good thoughts!

chrisd said...

Loved the pictures, especially the silly one with the ballons on his ears. Cute!

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