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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Attitude is everything

I am not much of a 'count your blessings' type of parent; far too wishy washy and sentimental for me. I leave such opinions and attitudes to be flaunted by my American fluffy bunny type of chums.

However, I do know that many persons adhere these kinds of flagrant flights of fancy, and it may just be, that some pals would care to indulge their tendencies. [translation = weaknesses] If this be the case, you may care to flutter over to "Saint Cloud" and get your fix for the day.

Warning - the management does not in any way endorse or positively promote woolly thinking or fanciful philosophies


kristina said...

Got said fix----glad for my one blessing (sound asleep on a bed piled with "favorite things" = dad's socks and some biography Jim checked out for his own research).

Sarah said...

haha, woolly thinking and fanciful philosophies eh? Thanks for the link :)

Kate said...

Hey! Awwww. Too bad. I like to have all of my life handed to me in a cotton-candy-nested bundle! Thanks so much for the pointer to "How to Lie with Statiscs." We already teach media criticism - what a wonderful idea: just make it critical thinking across the board!
Kate from SVmoms

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