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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Neverending Misery of autism

Or why I never answer the phone when they're home! Warning - lower volume on your computer or insert ear-plugs, as misery can be very noisy.

How much misery can you take?

That's it, I can't bear it any more! Did you notice they all had clothes on! Everybody DRESSED at the same time! They almost, sort of dressed with very little prompting. [but I couldn't show you that bit = censored]

They listened to verbal instructions! She has such a way with words. Can you hear me weeping, wailing and gnashing my teeth?
[O.k. maybe not the last bit.] Who needs speech when you can have giggles?

Hope that your day was as splendiferous as our.

Early Intervention is pivotal.


The Jedi Family of Blogs said...


Club 166 said...

Nice stuff.

I was hoping, though, that you were going to cut to the camera being held down on the "dolly".

kristina said...

Misery loves company!

Jerry Grasso said...

I wish I could be so miserable each and everyday! :-)


Haddayr said...

Thank you. We had a horrible day yesterday and seeing this made me happy.

KAL said...

How great! I loved these :)

AshleyLeo said...

Oh, they are too precious! Love the ring leader too!

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