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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Jaw Surgery – appearances can be deceptive

"Meanwhile, "I repair myself to the school for pick up time.

Outside on the playground, mothers collect and chat. I update my pals as to my current abilities of speech when an unfamiliar face appears. My pals explain my condition, thus saving me a few syllables. I note the blink of a furrow across her brow. Disapproval. There are a thousand unspoken criticisms adrift, all directly linked to a question of priorities – children are a parent’s first responsibility, everything is secondary, but how much more so for the parent of a special needs child? She phrases her question with care, subtly, with diplomacy. It translates to, ‘what’s an old baggage like you having plastic surgery for, you vain old bat, must have more money than sense?’

I blink and think. Her eyes check out my lanky form, not the slim of elegant physique, but the skinny that turns scrawny with age. I have a light bulb moment. I gird my enunciation to offer, “actually, the procedure is covered by my medical insurance, it’s not cosmetic.”
“Not cosmetic?”
“I don’t understand. If it’s not cosmetic why didn’t you have it done when you were a kid?”
“I don’t really know? I did wear braces, but no-one suggested surgery until I came over here.”
“Well, we do have the best in the world. So how is it different now?”
“They join, I can [or could or will be able to ] eat.”
“What did you do before?”
“Eat with a knife and fork, swallow a lot of chunks, have a great deal of indigestion.”
“Has it always been like that?”
“Er, as long as I can remember.”
“No wonder you’re so……..er slim,” she adds, softened. Which confirms that we should "never judge a book by it's cover," even if it is a bit tatty and decrepid like mine.

My chum leans over to offer, “don’t worry, a few weeks without all that string and she’ll be as fat as everyone else.”

What a jolly thought.


kristina said...

She who laughs last (when she can) laughs best.... I would have been, er, quite mad to hear that said to me......

Jerry Grasso said...

Never you mind her. You are perfect the way you are, or are now!

Not that we've ever met.

She probably has no idea how to write a witty blog, either!

The Jedi Family of Blogs said...

Such cluelessness is utterly scary...

chrisd said...

You are a peach, you know that? I was have crumbled--need to get a little bit of your backbone.

How are you feeling now?


Did you watch it? Did you watch Oprah? What did you think?

AshleyLeo said...

Your "friend" sounds a lot like the women I tolerate while watching #2's ballet class. Pretty clueless I must say! You handled it beautifully! And I second Kristina and Jerry's comments

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