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Friday, August 17, 2007

The second annihilation - and walls have ears

From a few nights ago........

We continue on our wayward path.
“We will all be killed?”
“Er……no I don’t think so.”
"We be extincted like dah dinosaurs?"
"Hmm .. I think we're alright for a wee while yet."
"It dah global warming?"
"I er, what do you know about global warming?"
“Der are meteors tonight?”
“Um…..no I don’t think so.”
“We are all to be killed in dah meteor attack?”
“What’s all this about meteors?”
“Dey happen random.”
“Yes, I know that dear, but why all the business of meteors tonight?”
“I be heared it.”
“What did you hear?”
“Radio.” [translation = "ooopsie"]

Moral - it's called a broadcast for a reason. Never assume that a child is tuned out if peel the potatoes, and you tune in to the news.

At least his
skills are more
effective than
those of his "parents."


Jeni said...

Isn't it funny though how they will assimilate the strangest things, particularly the unintentional stuff around them yet, things you strive to put into their learning arena are all too often totally ignored! It's kind of scary then too because how do you deal with what they have assimilated accidentally then? At least in your case, they do seem to come and discuss these things to a degree fairly quickly though. And, it appears they are comprehending a whole lot there for sure!

mjsuperfan said...

One of my sons constantly says "uh-oh...careful...sorry...okay?" or some combination of these words.

While I'm thrilled that he's starting to talk, I'm thinking I should watch what I say all day long.
Maybe try to be more positive.

It's funny how they pick up on the most dramatic things. Guess that's just human nature.

Anne said...

I remember having to have the meteor talk, too. It was one of the tough ones. I might have lied a little.

Heidi said...

oh the meteor shower! I wanted to see it, but there were too many gray clouds over England. Again.

Club 166 said...

Unfortunately Sweet Pea overheard a news blurb the other night regarding the trial of a woman who slit the throat of a pregnant woman, took the unborn baby (which subsequently died), and killed her other 3 children and stuffed them in the washing machine. Very gruesome stuff for adults to process, much less a 5 year old.

Now it's all she can talk about every night.


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