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Thursday, August 02, 2007

A dollop of normal

Nonna has come to visit for a month. She is the only octogenarian that I know, who still has her inner child fully in tact. My own inner child evaporated some years past. We are often able to tease each other. [translation = if I turn up my own volume for the hard of hearing]

One of the many reasons that I love my mother in law, Nonna, is because she is the only person on the planet to have described me as ‘glamourous.’ [translation = she wasn’t wearing her glasses at the time, so I probably just came across as a shambolic rainbow, but it doesn’t matter, she said those words] Apart from that delightful crumb of flatterer, and far more importantly, she adores her grandchildren. Since she is Italian, she is the kind of person who cheers when they swing from the chandeliers, metaphorically speaking. [translation = the boys have motor planning, and gross motor difficulties, so such feats are [as yet] beyond their abilities]

I cook in the kitchen, in anticipation of later dumping my creation in the garbage disposal unit or compost heap. [translation = the neophobic and picky eaters abound] The scent of mieux poix wafts through the house. Nonnna appears on cue. [translation = olfactory system is still fully functioning]

“Ooo, that smells nice!” she offers as she peeks under the lid. The vegetables gain their glaze and sizzle with temptation. She raises a hand, as do I. Her finger is poised to scoop out a taste, mine is poised to rap her knuckles with the wooden spoon. We both freeze in position with our eyes locked, middle aged mother to elderly child.

She chuckles and steps back unsteadily. [translation = hip replacement]
“I was just going to taste that you know?” she says unnecessarily.
“I know,” I say unnecessarily.
“Maybe……maybe one of them will try and taste something soon too?” she smiles.
We both know that is extremely unlikely within the next couple of decades.
“I would enjoy seeing that,” she adds wistfully.

I would enjoy seeing her see that too.

Thanks for the thought "Jerry."

Nonna returned to England on Sunday. We missed her even before lift-off.
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Linda said...

I have found a way around the "slow load", as it were, in that I now read your post in Google Reader and then just go directly to the post to leave a comment rather than go to the main page of your blog. I have no problems with loading at all when it's a single post and it truly does load "like a dream"!

Plus with Google Reader I always know when my favorite blogs have put up something new! Sheesh, I am beginning to sound like a commercial here, aren't I??

Jeni said...

Not only does it load like a dream, but I have yet to have any issues trying to post a comment either! Some of the sites I visit, along with being slow as all get out to load, when it comes time to comment -well, my patience really goes out the window quickly all too often! Now, how'd you do this great feat with your blog anyway?

dgibbs said...

It does load like a dream. No problems at all.

As for the post, I would LOVE if Nonna got to see the boys try the vegetables!

My Mother wears hearing aids as well (I believe I read that Nonna does) and finally got to hear Connor say "Mammaw". Got a little weepy for the newly named "Mammaw" but I am so happy she got to hear it.

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