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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wordless Wednesday # 5 - Ta dah!

“Are you my muvver? Are you my muvver? Are you my muvver?” he grins as he spins. It's not echolalia this time, where he repeats what he's heard elsewhere. Each phrase is accompanied by a 360 degree spin. He often perseverates on phrases, where he repeats the same words three times in a row, repeatedly. Each spin is stopped with an artfully placed stomp with arms thrown open wide, chicken chest up. The grin is timed with the show stopper. It is exceedingly disconcerting. It is a performance but an audience is unnecessary. Adorable to a few, irresistible to fewer, in a brain teaserish kind of way. Mr. Eastman is in league with Dr. Seuss. They both have a lot to answer for around here. But this time, I think the joke is on me.


Ellen said...

Great photos, they must have made you dizzy taking them!!

Casdok said...

Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Ya know ever since I got my new camera I have wanted to do wordless wednesday. Now 4 Wednesdays later...I have no pictures and too many words. Hmm...I need to tattoo it to my forehead.

I love yours :)

Anonymous said...

He's obviously got bags of energy and is very happy.

Crystal xx

Club 166 said...

I'm gonna lose my "man card" for saying this, but the first thing that came to mind when I saw this was

"How do you think she keeps the carpet so clean?"


Maddy said...

I am a carpet cleaner!

Actually, the is Nonna's room or the spare room. Great place for runners though.

The Shepcarpclan said...

I am worn out just looking at the photos.

Jeni said...

I don't know about you Maddie, but I'm wishing you could somehow bottle up bits of the energy he has and just think of the instant market you'd have in which to sell the stuff. My goodness, you could be a millionaire -and then some - overnight, ya know! I know watching Maya as she races, chases, trots around here like a little sideways pony, it just amazes me how a four-year-old can keep up at that pace.

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