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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wordless Wednesday #3

This is an old picture of my daughter. It was taken when we believed that the boys had trouble recognising facial expressions and refused to look at pictures or images of faces, short of line drawings. She was delighted to take centre stage and provide us with lots of portraits to demonstrate different emotions. We hoped that they'd be more willing to look at their sister's face in a photograph, and they were.

I can't remember how long we worked upon that particular campaign as it was a long time ago and we knew very little about autism then. However, I do know now, that it was probably one of my more futile campaigns, but hindsight is so often 20/20 as "Kristina Chew" points out in her recent "post."

Even though this is supposed to be wordless Wednesday, some things just don't make any sense without a matt and a frame, or what we in the trade call "scaffolding."

If you're in need of a little giggle, interested in lineage, focus and details, then scroll down for a little more, or a double post.


Anonymous said...

I don't know where I've been for the past week! Just had a catch up on all your blogs! Some great photos, loved (or perhaps not) the blog describing boarding school. It sounded very strict. Too much for me! You also made me laugh when you talked about the toilet duty! Same here. At seven yrs you'd think they can at least manage to do that but oh no, much easier if mum does it. At least it gets done properly. And the toilet gets flushed! And hands get washed!

As for expressions, I always remember discovering Amy's inability to recognise people's expressions. She often laughs when I'm cross because I look "funny".

Crystal xx

Drama Mama said...

Love that first photo.

Miss M is pretty good at interpreting facial expressions now. I guess that my training as an actor came in handy. I feel like I was constantly "mugging" from the time she was 3. At 8, she seems a little weary of my constant overexpression.

My 4 year old, of course, is a master of expression now. Can't stop her.

It's like a house of Marcel Marceau's.

Happy Wednesday!

Jade said...

Ohh I know the "Emotion Cards" well. Use them daily :-)

Hope your Wed ends up being a pleasant one.

Anonymous said...

that is a very cool idea!! We too work on emotions--daily!! Happy WW.


Your daughter seems quite the little star, a brilliant photograph.

Linda said...

That's definitely "surprise" - I'd recognize it anywhere! Even on my own face! Maybe ... Bet ya I'd have it on my face were I driving in England and found out I was on the wrong side of the road - again!! Or would that be "terror" instead? "Dismay"? "Disbelief"? "Dumbfounded"?

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