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Friday, December 07, 2007

Nice Matters Award

"Jen P" over at "What Jen Finds" has giving sent me a "Nice Matters" award. Thank you so much. Do I really mean that? Well yes and no. Yes because awards are lovely to receive but a bit of a hint of 'no' because technically challenged persons, such as myself, have to scrap to bottom of the barrel, or brain, to sort out all the linky do dahs.

Fortunately, I am improving. Improvements mean that I still have a smidge of guilt passing them along because I could be giving some other technically challenged person a headache by mistake.

So here are some little headaches for you and I sincerely hope they don't turn into migraines.

Is it supposed to be seven? No idea, but since 7 is my favourite number that works for me.

I have an online chum [American, as opposed to 'pal' who would be British] who has a handy way of turning a tale. Please don't tell me you're really a Canadian and show me up as a complete dipstick. "Buffalodickdy" over at "Opinions" combines cookery and a comprehensive education programme for foreigners. I think I Buffalos are more American than Canadian but I'd be the first to admit that I'm on dodgy territory.

Then there's "Flutter" at "Dark and Divine." If you've not visited because take a deep breath. Although the URL reads "Fluttercrafts" you are not about to visit a craft site. This is doubtless some devious campaign to confuse foreigners, and do you know what, it works completely.

Now we have to be a little careful gentle readers, as "Franky" over at "Frankily-yours" may seem a tad scary and certainly not worthy of the prestigious 'Nice Matters' awards, but that would probably be due to the fact that 'sarcasm' is not always a very efficient method of communication, especially if you live in the States. "Franky's" 'about me' is extremely unhelpful, as one would expect, or at least I would. I was going to describe Franky as a new chum because clearly she's British, but oh my, what do I find! She 'writes 'mom' instead of 'mum.' So it must be true, I have insulted the poor woman and now she will never be my pal.

Another good place to visit is "Kywoman" over at "KYWoman." If you are foreign, do not be alarmed. The 'KY' has nothing to do with that famous lubricant, instead the KY refers to a State, one of the States in the United States. In case you're still having a hard time guessing which one, I, the all American gal, am here to inform you that KY means Kentucky, which is a State and nothing to do with chickens.

I include "Dan" from "Dan's Blah Blah Blog" because he's one of the good guys as opposed to a 'nice guy.' I make that distinction because I am given to understand that the male of the species gets all hot and bothered if they are called 'nice,' which is insulting. Dan stopped blogging for a wee while, so this is my way of letting people know that hes up and running again now. Not only does he run, but he also blogs. He does not blog and run at the same time.

"Drama mama"
over at "LikeAShark" A "Meme" is always a good way to introduce someone, and anyone who has the motto 'what goes around comes around' is guaranteed to get my vote.

Then we have "mamampj" who always makes me think of pyjamas over at "A Room of Mama's Own." I award "mamampj" because I am guilty of "covertousness" afterall. Just imagine having a room of one's own, regardless of what you actually do in that room? Ooo the bliss. I therefore stand before you, also guilty of fibbing. Technically 'fibbing' isn't a deadly sin which is good because an 'F' would muck up my mnemonic.

Cheers dearies


Steve said...

I've been meaning to ask you this for a while now - how many blogs do you read on a regular basis? It seems like you've always got a new set ready to go when it's time for a list. I'm going to guess at least 100, am I close?

Anonymous said...

Wot's sarcasm?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, of all the awards floatin around out here, I never thought I would receive this particular one. I know I've got a somewhat British accent to my writing, mostly cuz I had to branch out to more creative swearing (wankers, fooking, etc.).

I'm glad someone looked at my "About" page. I crack myself up.

Anyhoo, thanks for the nod!

Schmoop said...

Thanks for the tips. The picture, however, reminds me of an unfortunate accident that happened to me involving kerosene, candle wax, and a young Brazilian woman. Cheers!!

KC's Blog said...

I too am technically challenged. I got an award once awhile back and couldn't post the darn thing because I couldn't figure out how to put the blasted thing on my sidebar! I am learning but still it's tough.
I love the "Pants on Fire" got a good laugh at the pic :)

SOUL said...

ummm... that pic is kinda scary :))

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