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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Friendship cools to acquaintance

“God Madz you look like crap!”
“Yes well that’s international travel for you!”
“I thought they had all that plastic surgery out your way, er cosmetic surgery?”
“Er… they do… I suppose.”
“You should book yourself in for a makeover.”
“I’ll bear that in mind…….if I only had the time.”
“Oh yeah. The kids. Is that them?”
“What are they doing under the table?”
“Playing. It’s a bit noisy, too many people.”
“God I bet you wish you had your tubes tied before you left for the good old US of A!”
“Well, I er…..”
“Still spect it was the old hormones at your time of life. Shit it’s a curse.”
“The hormones or the age?”
“Ah…well it’s a bit more complicated than…..”
“But I mean, if you’d have known, it you’d have had any idea…”
“I'm sorry?”
“It’s just….. you know….. no-one would choose to have….. you know….?”
“Actually, I don’t know. What do you mean?”
“Look , no offence or anything but if I knew I was gonna have a couple of …well you know…?”
“Spit it out why dontcha?”
“Fuck Maddy, I don’t mean anything it’s just you know, if you had a choice…?”
“Look at them. Just look at them!”
“I am! They’re lying on the carpet Madz, you know, they’re all, you know, weird and well it’s like they’re all alone, like you, know …..there’s no-one else here!”
“Is that really what you see?”
“I mean they look kindof ok but they’re not really here are they?”


Anonymous said...

acquaintance...nope...public enemy #1

Angela DeRossett said...

Oh no she did NOT! Kudos to you for not knocking her into next year. I'm glad you're back..

Domestic Goddess said...

Oh no they di'int!

That totally sucks. I mean, the nerve! Insinuating that you shoulda had your tubes tied? AS IF their opinion in your reproductive life is any of their business?

Believe me, I've gotten comments like this in the past. My MIL told me she didn't WANT any more grandkids. Because, you know, they'd be like THEM. Broken. not normal. Whatever.

Angela DeRossett said...

Domestic Goddess... I do not understand the nerve of some people. They don't realize these babies ARE normal.. for us. :)

Mrs. G. said...

Someone said this to me many years ago about a genetic disorder we live with in our family. I was very young, but it has never left me. In my early 20's I didn't have the nerve to say it to the ass who hurt my feelings, so, in my forties, I'll say it now to the ass who hurt yours...


shula said...

What the Desiderata say?

Something about avoiding the company of loud and aggressive persons.

They are vexations to the spirit.

The ignorance and insensitivity of her comments takes my breath away, all the way from here.

KC's Blog said...

Oh my gosh, that woman needs a fist to the mouth! How dare she say such things about your kids!! Your kids are awesome, beautiful children. That makes me totally mad that she had the nerve to say that! She has the problem!!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...


At least she said what she did and you know RIGHT where she stands. I think you can save Christmas card postage next year, though.

In addition to being personally hurtful, her comments smack of eugenics. Heil Hitler and all that sort of thing. In my *personal* opinion (which obviously most people don't share), I'm leery of birth control, etc. because of the motivation of the people foisting it upon us... profit or eugenics, pick one.

But know what? It's none of my stinkin' business about other people's birth control, or lack thereof. How dare she!!??

Domestic goddess, I think we may be cousins or something LOL! You're pretty much describing my family!

Sarah said...

If I had a choice, the things I would change would not be my children, as I learned long ago that what is wrong with my children is really not my children, but the rest of the world.

Family Adventure said...

One word...imbecile!


Anonymous said...

WHO SAID THIS????? let me at 'em let me at 'em.

no. they clearly WERE NOT seeing.


Aliki2006 said...


Double yuck.

I'm sorry you had to experience that conversation. How ignorant...

Anne said...

looks like everyone summed it up pretty well above me.

Mom without a manual said...

Oh wow!

I sure hope you finished off that conversation with a doozy!

You are definitely better off without that "friendship" and it is definitely her loss.

mommy~dearest said...

Been thinking...another great comment would've been "Ugh...I know, my NT kids drive me crazy."

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