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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Occupational Therapy - No Flying!

Since this is autism Awareness month I thought I'd take the opportunity to rant about the lack of medical insurance coverage for services for autistic people. I could point you towards Michael Moore's film "Sicko" as a good starting point. If you're not American then the terms, 'out of network' are meaningless. But if I tell you that being 'in network' doesn't work either, then that would only add to your confusion.

How much does it cost to send two children to occupational therapy twice a week, for four and a half years? I'd tell you but I can only count up to seven, even on a good day.

Is it a good investment? It depends upon your perspective, I suppose. My perspective shows me that instead of 'ground dwellers' I now have 'aerial artistes.'

No longer the patter of tiny tippy toes, instead we have earth shattering quakes and crash landings.

For the moment I am happy to observe their acrobatics. Soon we shall commence yet another campaign but I need to work on my 'words' prior to commencement.

Thus far I am failing miserably. "Get down from there this instant!" doesn't cut it, as they're already very good at the 'getting down' bit.

"What on earth are you doing up there!" is a pointless rhetorical statement that sends us down a blind alley about planets.

"What are you thinking of!" may just illicit a straightforward answer.

No. I shall bide my time and not let my mouth run away with me. This time I shall be sure that the words match the situation. No more nauseating little ditties to haunt the next 5 years or more.


Unknown said...

At home. In the house. Where everything is safe. Flying. How wonderful.

Linda said...

Looks to me like a trampoline is in order then they could fly to their hearts' content - safely!

Anonymous said...

I am hiding this post from my heathens...they will try to use as a reason to jump off things. It's bad enought that Mom does it...lol

whitewave1027 said...

I love these pictures! They remind me that I'm not the only mom out there with this exact same issue. I say "get down" so many times everyday that I'm always hoarse by the time dinner rolls around. You make an excellent point about how meaningless this statement is when getting down was the whole idea anyway! lol Now here's my question...HOW IN THE HECK DO YOU KEEP YOUR HOUSE SO CLEAN!!!!!!!!??????

Maddy said...

Aww hello newbie Whitewave and no email or website! Now you'll have to contact me so I can tell you my secret weapon.

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