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Friday, April 18, 2008

A well beaten path

It happened again, banned from the dance class. No more 'Hip Hop' for us. It’s a well rehearsed scenario, but I’m a bit out of practice. Over the years we’ve had lots of practice, a whole slew of places where we found we were no longer welcome:- Kindermusik, Music Together, the YMCA, Challenger School, soccer, multi-sports, Stratford school, Jazzercize, Summer Day camps and many, many restaurants.

I should be used to it, but it’s been a while. To read more click "here."

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Inspiration Alley said...

Sounds familiar. Have to say though that I agreed with every place that requested that I didn't continue taking my son there. He was always hysterical. Looking back it was usually due to sensory pressures that could probably have been resolved with some adaptations, but he didn't have a diagnosis then.

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