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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bailing Award

So lastly this weekend, this award [which was originally animated and now refuses to co-operate!] the 'I.O.U.1' award or the 'Bailing Out Award' which ever you prefer [?] goes to three magnificent bloggers simultaneously.


For bailing me out in the 'is it possible to barbeque croutons when it's 100 degrees outside?' burning question.

"The Anti-Wife"

"Bi-polar lawyer cook"

"Your Vegan Mom"

Please feel free to steal. Are there any rules? Um....

Give it to someone who has helped you out or
made a comment that picked up your spirits when you were feeling low or
when some brilliant flash of inspiration came from a commenter or
some posting that dragged you out of, or into reality, unexpectedly.

Cheers dears

1 comment:

The Anti-Wife said...

AN AWARD!!!! Wow! Thank you! I love it. I'd like to thank all the little people --- oops! Wrong ceremony.


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