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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wall E movie review

Yes I know that everyone else on the planet has reviewed it and seen it already, but some of us have to wait until the dust has settled and the Theatre house is empty before we venture forth.

How I love empty theatres!

How I love Pixar.

There are lots of great things about this film for smallish people. For my smallish people the best thing was how there were very few words. The first half [?] was word free. The exaggerated noises, expressions and 'body language' made it easy to 'read' and understand.

When the people come along, words are used and conversations take place but I think it would be possible to turn off the sound and still understand the story as it's caked in visual cues.

Although Pixar is now Disney, or rather Disney's gobbled up Pixar, fortunately the movie isn't drowned in Disney mush.

I am probably biased by the environmental theme.

Warning:- some children may find that subsequently, robot noises and gesture are preferable to word production.


GFCF Mommy said...

Yes, I completely agree. The beauty of communication without words really struck me too and my son (6) loved it. He even understood the eco-message, though the love story was lost on him. But that's ok. There was something for everyone in the film.

Pixar rules in our home!


Anonymous said...

The movie is wonderful! It reflects present time fully. Today we all depend on computers and Internet. Imagine! Many people forgot how to communicate without a keyboard. It is terrible to think of it!

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