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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Give Away

The oh so very delightfully charming "Lis Garrett" from "Root and Sprout" is hosting a giveaway today.

Can that possibly be one word?

Root & Sprout

Click on the flower to whizz you right there
Get the code:-
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from this little
boxy thing below

Similarly charmingly and delightfully, "Debbie" from "Three Weddings" is also hosting a give .......away......sorry I just can't put those two words together again.



Click on one of the brides to whizz you right there
Get the code:-
Cut and paste
from this little
boxy thing below

As a result, these two thoroughly reprobate bloggers have double dared me to do likewise. Up until now, I have never given anything away if I could possibly help it, and I'm quite certain that there will be a whole host of pitfalls that I'm about to plop into.

Since I am allergic to visiting the post office I need to find something light that I can just pop in an envelope. I'm tempted to choose something 'gently used' but just about everything around here is already pummeled to a pulp.

Ideally it should be something that nobody wants which means that no-one will enter which means I won't have to worry about unforeseen abysses for the unwary.

It also ought to be something that might be a good match for a juniorish sort of a person. Since I am a betting woman by nature, I think it best to offer one of these,

then there is a 50-50 chance that it might be a good fit. I can't send you mine because it's a bit manky and mangled. I can't send you the one that I already gave away, so I need to get busy with the sewing machine.........right now........ and find my googley eyes.

Maybe I need to construct a "user manual"?

So don't forget to nip along and say 'hi de ho' to "Lis Garrett" and "Debbie"

Mine will be an open offer until the last day of January and then we'll attempt a random choice.

That should prove to be a challenge in itself!

In a final note, please include "Barbara" from "The Extras" on her unique "give aways," in her post entitled "Bridges."

And finally final, spend a mo dawdling with "Trish" at "Another Piece of the Puzzle" who also has a spiffing give away over at her "site" someone who is quite possibly the busiest and most productive blogger around as you can guess from her thoroughly impressive "summary" post here over at "5 Minutes for Special Needs Mums."

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