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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lay out guys

5 Minutes for Special Needs

Bigger pi dishes require more numbers.

How do you ensure that you transpose all the numbers of pi correctly?

Employ a nit picker! Fueled by Goldfish.

If you enjoy caption competitions and photographs, you may wish to nip along to"DJ Kirkby" over at "Chez Aspie" and test your brain power.


Anonymous said...

pi dishes? that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Pi plates are really cute. Did you make them? You could / should sell them and make $$.

But did you mean "transpose" the digits (flip the order) or "transcribe" them (write them correctly)?

Thanks (another picky soul)

Maddy said...

I think I mean transpose because I have to write them upside down = I carve from the top of the bowl the rim nearest to my body, so in order to carve them I tip the bowl towards me and then spiral down, not sure that makes any more sense come to think of it.

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