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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What is that?

5 Minutes for Special Needs

So what is this?

Here's a "clue."

But if that is too tricky, how about this:-

Here are some suggestions:-

a] a dog who continued to drink from the "toilet?"
b] a dog who has put himself up for adoption due to pet "abuse?"
c] a new breed of dog, part dog, part peacock. [Please offer your suggestions]
d] none of the above.


The top one is a picture of guitar strings before they were attached.

The second one is poor Thatcher after his beauty treatment. Maybe it will help them remember which "end" is "which?"

If you enjoy caption competitions and photographs, you may wish to nip along to"DJ Kirkby" over at "Chez Aspie" and test your brain power.

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