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Sunday, February 04, 2007


I sit at the dining room table with my children as they eat their snacks. My prompts are limited as my words are indistinct after jaw surgery. I try to glug my next bottle of Ensure, the most vile liquid substance on the planet. The crunch of munching crackers makes me slightly jealous, the salt crystals glitter in the weak Californian sunshine. Only five more bottles to go before bedtime. Three pairs of eyes long to share the sickly sweet drink.

“Eeow Mom, yur dribblin!” she squeals. Junior scrambles from the table and rushes into the kitchen. He slams a few kitchen drawers before returning with a floor cloth. He hesitates, falters, recovers and dabs ineffectually at my chin, “dehr you go mom, all better now!”

Rats to the theory of mind.


kristina said...

You're almost there......sweet and "well-minded" our boys are, are they not?

Axinar said...

Ensure, the most vile liquid substance on the planet.

You know, my dad absolutely LOVES the stuff ...

God only knows why ... :)

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Sorry to hear of the surgery. Sounds like your Tormentor is ENSURE. Greasy, nasty stuff isn't it? I can't believe docs tout it for human consumption. Hope you mend quickly.

Estee Klar-Wolfond said...

Oh, man. Henry broke his jaw in my first month of pregnancy. He drank Ensure for 6 weeks and lost twenty pounds! It's terrible, but having your jaw broken, surgery or your jaw wired shut as was his case, is more vile.

Drink some V8, make chicken broth...it's much better and more satisfying, although you'll need the Ensure for nutrients.

Don't do what I tried for Henry one night: putting roast beef in the blender... Blach!

Feel better soon!

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