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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Joe et al and everyone

I read a longer than usual post from "my pal." I read it and I tried to think of the right comment. [translation = lurking penalty]

Thought provoking posts are often painful to the brain.

My brain has stirred.

The trouble is, that I know that I could be a jolly good mum with the right preparation. [translation = perfect] I could spend all day studying and preparing. After that I would be able to fully devote myself to the perfect hour with my perfect children. I would be superb. Everyone, expert and novice, would agree that my performance would be second to none.

Unfortunately, the hours are not quite so conducive.

Fortunately, I am in a different place than I was a few years back. I have that precious commodity, time. But it's a recent development. I remember the exhaustion of physically carrying two smallish people.

I know that it's a long road and that there is no easy fix from my other "pal," because Susan is a trouper and lets me see the road ahead.

If I really stretched myself, being an elderly person, I could envisage myself putting in a European working day. [translation = 7 hours]

For some unknown reason, some people expect me to be a parent all the time. [translation = how unfair is that!]

Anyone reading this is likely to be a parent. If you are a parent, I suspect that you're doing your best. Your parents also did their best. We all do our best for as much of the time that we are able.

It can never be enough, what could ever be enough? But we are all in the same club, exclusive, unique and welcoming.

Best wishes and cheers


mumkeepingsane said...

Well that one hit home! Whew, way to make me ponder my role in the universe before I've had breakfast. I'm going to be trying to juggle good-momness and the stress of seizure watching (see blog for details) this summer.

Anonymous said...

And we're still entitled to a life that doesn't include our children 24/7.

Which is why I went to CA for a week to visit a friend a couple of weeks ago. You were in England at the time.

I reviewed "More than a Mom" for the Autism Ont mag that comes out this summer. It's a great book for those who are overwhelmed.


mumkeepingsane said...

Didn't mean for my first comment to sound so...I dunno...negative. It was a good post. I got your comments at my blog, bookmarked the url and deleted the comment. Hope that's what you meant.

Anyhoo, sorry my email isn't on my page. The name is blissfulmama and it's a hotmail dot com address.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Well, I'm off to go read PAL's post.

By the way, I've missed reading you and all my regular blogs.

We're back from the honeymoon now, so I'm back to blogging. :-)

Due to me changing my link and blog name, i'm still having technical difficulties connecting the link properly. (if you're having trouble linking back to me, here's the URL: www.youmeandfourkids.blogspot.com)

The blog formally known as Once Upon A Time...lol

Ciao, Mermaid.

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